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07 July 2010

Reporting weeks Minds


These days I am absent "Minds" again. after breakfast I continued back room b-16. I'll go have breakfast with "ganu. I want to mind telling my friends all the new sign near the UMP study.Minds I was orientation week. Our former students and we got the key go alone. yesterday there was the session matrix card.
so we had to go if we are not going to matric card.
The funny is we are forced to commute from home to block w. vehicle for the blockw not enough, because we had to commute. I have a junior her name Aida her made me presenter information.Aida is a friend of my brother and compatriot with me. Aida students from the faculty of civil engineering
if there is something essentially Aida will mind telling me.

1 comment:

jaa sweets said...

aida tu puan la,tukar he jd she