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15 October 2010


Exercise 3

When the push button s1 is activated, the piston rod advances when it reaches the forward end position, limit switch .1s2 closes. current flows thought coil T1(timer on delay).contact T1 remains open for 5 seconds. After the variable time delay has elapsed, the contact is then closed. then, the piston rod retracts.


Please give the electrical control circuit for this exercise.Refer to the solution description and pneumatic circuits as below:-

pneumatic circuit
5/2 way valve with double solenoid

pic misya ngan ain nie saje je snap,eyh nizam pic kitaorg ko x nak ambik ke...haha
hari isnin minggu depan ade test electopneumatic ke,nasib baik teringat...
sape2 pro lam pneumatic meh tolong aku wat electrical control circuit...
x pro mane lah dalam pneumatic,klu motor control best..ak suke giler..
5% quiz
25% practical
20% practical,
50% motor control,motor control dah setle..boleh A ke x eng.lab sem nie...
insyaalah boleh kot...huhu

1 comment:

Black_roses92 said... pizik meyh!! ish2.. hurm..sem 2 dah nak mai.. takutnye pizik!! hehe