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08 August 2010

Water Rocket Competition

Assalamualaikum and regards,

Regarding with SAE UMP Carnival, there will be one Water Rocket Competition on :

Date : 7 August 2010

Time : 9.00 – 11.30 am

Terms and conditions are as follow:

1. Open to all students of the Faculty of Mechanical of Engineering and Faculty of Electrics and Electronics Engineering.

2. Each team consists of 3 – 4 participants.

3. The registration fee RM 2.00 per person.

4. All energy supplied to the rocket is a combination of water and air pressure only.

5. All teams allowed doing ONE ATTEMPTS only.

6. All rockets must be making from 1.5L of bottle water.

7. The position of the egg is according to the creativity of the participants.

8. All rockets will be launching using the organizer’s launcher only.

10. All models of the built rocket will be the property of the organizer.

11. All competitions rules and regulations are subject to change without any notice.

13. Judge’s decision is final.

14. The evaluation process based on creativity of design rocket, the condition of the egg (do not break) after landing and answers to questions that ask by the judges.


Prizes and certificates will be giving to top FIVE participants only.

Those who are interested please do reply by MESSAGE or CONTACT this number,

014 – 8002410 (INTAN) together with the information below:

Member’s name:

Tel. no (representative only):

ID No:

IC No:


Residential College:

**Transport provided from Gambang to Pekan**

**Participations of students who live in Pekan are highly encouraged**

roket terbaik


penyokong team kami

team kami iaitu M40 telah menjuarai competition kali ni..
sangat seronoktau...
masa hari pertandingan ak x rasa cam pertandingan tapi lebih kepada main..
tapi sambil main2 pon bleh menang..

malam pertandingan

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